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Picea Omorika (Serbian Spruce)

Picea Omorika (Serbian Spruce)

The Serbian spruce is from Yugoslavia where he can grow 25-30 meters high and 3 to 5 meters wide. Indigenous to the calcareous mountains of Bosnia and Serbia.:

It is a very slender, ascending to conical tree with graceful (hanging) branches. These hanging branches are bending on their back end a bit upwards. The growth is not very fast from 2 to 2.5 meters per 5-7 years. With its fine needles and columnar growth, nice contrasts can be formed in the garden. Especially the underside of the needles are very attractive, white with two rows of stomata. At the top are glossy green needles, 1.2 to 2.5 cm long.
The cones are 3 to 6 cm long. They appear on young plants. In the beginning they are at their best with beautiful violet shades. Later, during maturation, they will be glossy cinnamon brown. As a Christmas tree, it is mainly used with a rootball or in a pot also because of its beautiful slender habit.

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