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Nordmann (Abies nordmanniana)

Nordmann (Abies nordmanniana)
The end of the needle is slightly indented, with the beautiful dark green top and the bottom containing a blue-gray stripe. The seed cones are erect and cylindrical. These will only come after 15-20 years. The Nordmann is the most popular Christmas tree because the tree keeps the needles, even after cutting the treeNordmann (Abies nordmanniana) is a large evergreen tree with a broad pyramidal habit. Very old trees can get one of those flat crowns.:

The stem is light green in the beginning than later on light brown turning into gray. The trunk is smooth without resin, which is a characteristic of the Abies family. The needles are stiff and leathery and can be very beautiful dark green. The needles are pretty divided, but the bottom is usually flat.

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