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Groothandel in kerstbomen


Christmas tree Nursery Anthonissen.

Christmas tree Nursery Anthonissen is a professional nursery with more then 40 years experience in growing and processing Christmas trees.
Our trees are professionally pruned twice a year so they are full up to the peak. Labeling the Christmas tree is only done by experienced professionals. All Christmas trees are sorted by size and quality. We grow for example Abies Fraseri, Abies Koreana, Abies Nordmanniana, Picea Abies, Picea Omorika en Picea Pungen Glauca.. If you want to visit our nursery please contact us by phone..

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Christmas trees

Christmas tree Nursery Anthonissen. Wholesale of Christmas trees

We sell the following species:

Abies Fraseri (Fraserispar)

Abies Koreana (Korean Spruce)

Nordmann (Abies Nordmanniana)

Picea Abies

Picea Omorika (Serbian Spruce)

Picea Punguns Glauca (Blue spruce)



Christmas tree Nursery Anthonissen.
We sell to:

Garden centers




Resellers and Individuals


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Christmas tree Nursery Anthonissen
Plantagebaan 178
4725AE Wouwse Plantage
Mob: +31 (0) 623 240824